Vastu for Hotels

Vatu invite guests and Hotels | Motels | Restaurants | Cafe | Resizing the resort plays an important role in making profits from making shifts and making changes in the hotel as typical room directions, which are directly related to the arrival of the guest. If the infrastructure of the hotel is made incorrectly, it will certainly not bring more guests. Hotels should be built after taking some necessary architectural guidelines so that it will not have to sit without visitors even after building a grand hotel. If it is not possible to get used to it, then by contacting any architectural masterpiece, it can also benefit greatly by altering the hotel

Before making the hotel, Vastu Shastri should make the place according to Vastu by showing the location. How should the plot be, should the building be started after seeing the land should be any? The hotel should be well ventilated, light and large.

Geysers should be employed in this direction to the south-east corner and other electrical appliances to the pantry or kitchen. Only the kitchen should be constructed at the bottom of the ground. The visitor’s room should be done in the beds in the south-west so that they can sleep with the head south or west.

The doors of each room should be in the right direction. Place the balcony of the hotel’s rooms in the east or north direction. Bathrooms and toilets should be made in north-west or west. The water in the hotel should be kept in the Ishan. The toilets should be in the south or west, the southwest corner of the hotel should be 90 degrees perfect, the cannabis should be 90 degrees or less and not more than it should be, and the northwest/fire angle should be 90 degrees or greater than it should be needed. The south-west angle should be elevated in the hotel and the northeast corner should be drained.

If a hotel gets spoiled, many say that this is because of managerial inefficiency or lack of supervision, that is, management. But they failed to understand that this is so. But they do not believe that this is a lack of architecture. So, without any compromise, an experienced Vastu Consultant should contact, so, before starting the project, it is important to design the rooms, corridors, open spaces, swimming pools, function halls, receptions and seminar halls according to Vastu. Equally all construction should be in the right place only. If all such instructions are followed carefully, then no one can stop the hotel to grow. And heaven becomes.

Built on the basis of the principles of Vaastu Hotels | Motels | Restaurants | Cafe | Resort

Not only is it helpful in attracting customers, but also earn goodwill. But due to architectural faults, every restaurant is not able to attract visitors on its basis. If you do not plan your restaurant according to Vastu Shastra then you may have to face obstacles or face trouble. Everyone wants a well-groomed and attractive restaurant to enjoy the day meal.

Vastu Shastra has set some rules and principles for every kind of building. While preparing plans for both personal and commercial space, it is advisable to follow the Vaastu Guidelines. Using Vaastu principles becomes more important as it is important to prevent loss due to the problem with the plan.

The main entrance of the restaurant should always be in the right direction. In raw materials, restaurants, the kitchen should always be held in the southeast and avoid other places or directions for the kitchen. The storage room should ideally be kept in the south-west to store raw materials, grains etc. Keep the north-east of the restaurant clean and clean and include water sources such as water fountains in the north or east direction. Toilets should be located north-west or west of the restaurant. Generators, inverters, geysers and other electrical appliances should be kept only in the southeast. Always decorate the restaurant with light colours. And avoid darkness and complex colours. Rather it should be a nice airy and light place. People sitting at the reception have to face the east or north direction while getting the payment.