Vastu for Factory

It is not enough that one should only praise and accept Vaastu principles. It is equally important to consult a famous Vaastu scholar so that we can avoid these fake people.

A competent architect specialist will study the directions like Northeast, West, North, and South, such as North-East, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest, and Central Points and will guide you in order to avoid the pitfall in the beginning.


One of the often neglected expansions in factories and industries is the appointment of a door for men and material movement. It is important to know that the movement of men and materials produces tremendous energy – well if the doors are in high places and they are bad then they are in bad condition.

A small shop probably employs one or two people, while a larger factory or industry will employ more people on the basis of size. In this kind of prosperity of the workers, depending on the success of one or several competitive environments, in which we live. Understanding Vaastu Shastra principles and applying it in various environments is beneficial and helps in running the industries. Profit means no more production. This means an increase in the productivity of the total industries. In this regard, the ratio of some proportion capital employed, production of direct workers, direct and indirect workforce etc., adequately defines productivity.

In the case of money, health, peace, employees, and labour, cannot fully satisfy the owner completely with the operation of the factory. Therefore, while constructing the factory, Vaastu can be made by keeping the attention of the factory, then the success of the factory will make a great difference. The main purpose of every business is to make a profit, however, if this goal is not being achieved by one or the other reason, then contacting the Vaastu consultant with Vastu aggressive treatment, analyze it completely and accurately and improve it. needed.

Most people have more problems in the factory and they come to us. There is a Vastu fault in the south-west angle of their factory. Apart from that, the employee’s problem, accidentally, decreased production,

The owner’s office should be made in the East or the Northern part, if there are more employees in the office, then the owner’s room should be kept at the angle of the office, the staff purchasing should be in the firing angle and the salesmen in the northwestern angle. The accountant should be in the south or west.

The water in the factory should be kept in the Ishaan. The toilets should be in the south or west, the southwest corner of the factory should be 90 degrees perfect, the cannula should be 90 degrees or less and not more than it should be, and the northwest/fire angle should be 90 degrees or greater than it should be needed. The south-west angle should be lowered in the factory and the northeast corner. The finished goods in the factory should be in the northwest angles and raw materials in the firing angle. The machine should always be in the south and west.