Vastu for Aparment

Vastu is not right in most of our apartment or flat, if there is a flat on a floor, it will be hard to correct from it. Most of the house includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, toilets, and prayers – Temple room etc. It does not happen so that those who live in front of them have to face the Mascolo. The beauty of Vaastu is that you can be benefited by incorporating minor changes that make major changes in your life.

If you choose to ignore Vastu Advice while making a flat for yourself, then you can invite disasters in your life. Vastu helps make his life comfortable in flats and prevents disease and other dangers from crawling in your life or relationships. Therefore, whenever a flat or apartment is to be bought, it must be done by showing a particular architectural expert. Explains some important guidelines to keep in mind while planning a flat architecture. To make your life happy and enriched, find the right Vaastu for flats.

According to Vaastu, the northeast corner should be for worship room. The master bedroom should be in the southwest corner of the house. Because the head of the house helps keep the mind stable. And in the morning their decision power is stunning, which makes them tremendous profits in their business and job. The girl’s room should be made in the north-west corner. The boy’s room should be in the northeast corner.

Bathrooms should be made in the west or south direction and its drains should flow towards the northeast. The drawing room should be in the north-east, or west direction. Loaded goods and furniture should be kept in south and west directions. Maximum open space should be in north and east directions.

The kitchen should be located in the firing angle, i.e. in the southeast. Cooking should be pre-cooked during cooking. The tap of water in the kitchen should be in the Northeast direction. If the kitchen is not possible in the firing angle then you can also make a kitchen in the northwestern angle.

If the door is in the north, then it should not be north or north or north-northwest. If the doors are east direction then they should be of East and East. Do not have doors in the eastern fire. If the doors are from the south then it should be in the south fire or in the south, the south should not be in the hospital. If the door is in the direction of the west then it should be in the west fire or in the west, the west should not be in the hospital. Rising waves from the door affect the mind of a person who enters the door. Guest rooms should be in the north-west direction. Rooms in this direction are also considered suitable for unmarried girls.

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